Winter Beach Trips with the Cat

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats despise the water. In fact, some cats love to be on the water, in the water, and just sitting next to the water. If this sounds like your cat then taking your cat to the beach may be a fun outing for the both of you. Many beaches have a ‘no pet’ policy, yet in the winter the policy may be lifted because the beaches aren’t crowded with tourists. If this is the case for your area beaches, pack up your cat and hit the beach for the day or even longer. Cats love to play in the sand, dig in the sand, and sometimes simply nap on the sand. They may get a kick out of chasing waves or the birds near the waves as well. If you’re looking for a beach that allows cats, simply call your town officials or call your veterinary clinic Plano, TX for suggestions.


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