Using Dog Diapers

Ever wondered if or when your dog will need to start wearing dog diapers? If you own a healthy dog that’s active and takes frequent walks or potty breaks on his own then you will most likely not have to worry about a diaper anytime soon. It’s when those healthy dogs grow older that their ability to hold their urine because difficult. For instance, a Toy Poodle around the age of 15 may need to wear diapers while the owner is at work to prevent accidents. However, he may not need diapers as long as he can go out every one to two hours when the owner is home. A Pomeranian with bladder stones may need a diaper at a younger age due to the bladder stones affecting his ability to hold his urine. Once the bladder stones are removed this may change. Talk to your vet Salem, VA if you think you need to diaper your pup.


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