Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH)

The acute form of ICH is manifested by symptoms associated with digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. An enlarged liver will give them a tucked-up appearance. Their eyes become sensitive to light causing them to tear when exposed to light. The whites of the eyes may also have a yellowish tinge. 

A severe form of the disease is manifested by bleeding in the gums and nose. The dog may also vomit blood. The inflammation of the damaged liver causes abdominal enlargement. As the disease progresses, the dog may undergo seizures, coma, and eventually death. In some cases, infected puppies may die suddenly without showing clinical symptoms. 

Puppies under six months old are prone to develop “blue eye”. However this is just a temporary clouding of the cornea due to the attachment of antibodies to the virus which is present in the eye. There are cases though when “blue eye” leads to permanent eye damage and/or glaucoma. A dog which has recovered from ICH is prone to kidney infections. The liver has the remarkable ability to heal itself. 

Talk to your Plano, TX vet about the best way to protect your pet from infectious canine hepatitis. See details here:


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