Scat Mats for Dogs

Did you know that the scat mats used to train cats to stay off the furniture can also be used for dogs? A scat mat is a rubber mat that goes on the sofa or couch seat cushion. You place them on the cushions when you’re not at home or around to tell your dog not to jump on the couch. The mats of small electric currents running through them, which can be turned on or off. The level of shock the mats give off can be adjusted as well. When your dog goes to jump on the couch he will hit the mat and receive a slight shock telling him to get down. This is much like the electronic collars for dogs. The mats can be removed once the dog learns to stay off. They can also be turned off and serve as a visual reminder to stay off. For more information, talk with your finest veterinary clinic Burlington ON.


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