Fibrosarcoma In Cats

Fibrosarcoma is a type of tumor that is very aggressive. It develops from a cat’s fibrous connective tissue. It can develop at the injection site of various medications and vaccines. In this case, it is called ‘feline injection-site sarcoma (FISS)’. The most common injections fibrosarcoma is associated with inlcude vaccines, antibiotics, insulin, corticosteroids, and subcutaneous fluids. Fortunately, the occurrence is quite rate; experts estimate it at 1 per 10,000-30,000 vaccinations. One way to lessen the risk is to use vaccines that don’t contain aluminum; the substance has been shown to cause irritation at the site of injection and appears to increase the risk of developing FISS. However, current theories include several risk factors that come into play including dosing, the injection site, and genetic factors. Fibrosarcoma in cats is treated aggressively with surgery with or without chemotherapy or radiation. 

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