Is Benadryl Safe For Dogs Suffering From Anxiety?

Anxiety is a strong emotion in dogs brought about by several situations including being separated from their owners, meeting new people and unfamiliar or strange dogs. It can also be brought about by noise from fireworks displays or thunderstorms, or it could be a result of being restricted inside a crate when guests arrive. 

The use of Benadryl to treat anxiety in dogs generally depends on various factors. It is a fact that it is often used off-label as a mild sedative in dogs. The active ingredient of Benadryl, called diphenhydramine, has a calming and mild sedating effect on dogs. The chemical can pass through the blood-brain barrier rapidly and the effect can be noticed within 30 minutes after being ingested. Experts would use Benadryl for occasional and anticipated bouts of anxiety in dogs. 

Be sure to consult your veterinary clinic Norwalk, CA before giving Benadryl to your pet.


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