How to Know It’s Time to Bring a Dog Home

If you’ve been waiting to bring a dog into your home there are a few ways to tell if it’s the right time. Whether you adopt or purchase a dog you want to make sure your home and your schedule are ready. For instance, ask yourself what your daily schedule and routine is like. Is there room for a dog? Can you make the time for a morning potty break, breakfast, noon potty break, playtime, evening walk, dinner, after dinner potty break, and a bedtime potty break? What about financially? Can you afford routine vet care? What about emergencies? How about your home environment? Is your home picked up and clean of little toys or electronics that could harm a dog? If you’ve wrapped your mind around these questions and can answer yes then it could be the right time to bring a canine companion home. Start your search with assistance from the local vet New Tulsa, OK.


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