Creating An Ideal Environment For Your Pet Tortoise

Like other cold-blooded animals, tortoises depend on their external environment for body temperature regulation. As pets, their vivarium should have enough space to allow a gradient in temperature. One end of the enclosure is a basking spot where it’s hotter than the rest. The temperature at the basking spot is maintained at about 30°C. The temperature at the opposite end of the basking is should be cooler (about 15°C). Regular monitoring of the temperature inside the vivarium is very important. Temperature below 10°C can have a negative impact on the health of the tortoise. Access to direct sunlight is also important so they can have enough vitamin D, a vitamin that is essential to the metabolism, absorption, and utilization of calcium in the body. Proper ventilation is also essential inside the vivarium to maintain ideal temperature. 

 Any changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should warrant an appointment with your animal hospital Burlington, ON. 


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