Hard-To-Miss Signs Of Arthritis In Cats

Pain and discomfort are common symptoms of arthritis in cats. In fact, the behavior of a cat suffering from arthritis and the symptoms that are displayed are actually brought about by the pain and discomfort that the cat is feeling. Pain is a very potent cause of behavior changes in pets. Some common behaviors manifested by cats with arthritis include:

  • Becoming less interested in activities they once love doing
  • Sleeping more than usual and tends to spend the day just lazing around
  • Appearing anxious and nervous
  • Appearing restless and listless as they try to find a comfortable sleeping position or a spot to sleep in.
  • Becoming easily irritable 
  • Avoiding contact with other household members, humans and pets alike.
  • Engaging in attention-seeking behaviors
  • Crying out in pain when held
  • Avoiding the litter box and doing their business in spots where they are more comfortable eliminating in
  • Poor flexibility brought about by the pain and inflammation makes them poor groomers thus they often have dry unkempt hair coats
  • Losing weight as they don’t have much appetite for food

Considering that these symptoms can also be important symptoms of other health issues, it’s a good idea to take your pet to your vet care Roanoke, VA for a thorough checkup.


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