Anti-Flea Products Can Be Toxic To Cats

Cats are more sensitive than dogs when it comes to certain ingredients in anti-flea products, thus caution should be observed when applying them on cats. If your kitty has fleas, it is a good idea to ask your veterinarian for a product that is safe and effective for cats. When applying the anti-flea on your cat, be careful when applying near the cat’s eyes, ears, and genital organs. In cases of heavy flea infestation in your home and there is a need to use a fogger or sprayer, be sure that all cats are out of the house before application. Products that are used often indicate the time that should elapse before it is safe for cats and for everyone to come back inside the home after application. Airing out the house can help get rid of the insecticide residue. 

After applying the anti-flea product, keep a close eye on your pet for any signs of depression, weakness, or incoordination that needs prompt attention from your vet Roanoke, VA.


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