What to do if Your Cat is Lost

Cats have quite the independence streak, but that independence can sometimes land them in trouble. For instance, if you notice that your cat hasn’t been around the house lately, start to look in the last places you saw him. Check under beds and in corners. Call his name. Search within a one mile radius of your home in case he’s just wandering. If you still can’t find him then call friends and family to help look for him. Notify your local police, fire department, and veterinarian offices to let them know about the missing cat. Please send these places a photo if at all possible. Create posters with the latest photo of your cat and two different ways to contact if there’s a sighting. Cover a 20 mile radius around your home with the posters. Never give up. Some people have waited hours while others have waited days. Talk with your Burlington, ON veterinarian for more tips.


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