Fur Slip In Chinchillas

Chinchillas can suffer from fur slips. It is a phenomenon characterized by the shedding off of large clumps of hair due to stress or when a chinchilla is held tightly. Basically, fur slip is a way of self-preservation. To prevent making your pet chinchilla anxious when you hold him, grasp him at the base of the tail, right at the point where his tail meets his body. Let him sit on your hand while you hold on the base of the tail. This is the right way to handle a chin. People who don’t know how to handle chinchillas often end up squeezing the body of the animal, or grasping the chest or abdomen. The chinchilla will feel his movements being restricted causing him to panic and try to wriggle his way free from the person’s grasp. This behavior will eventually cause a fur slip. Bring your pet chinchilla to your veterinarian Burlington, ON for a regular wellness check.


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