Chocolate And Dogs - How Much Is Toxic?

Chocolates of any type and form is definitely a no-no for dogs. If you noticed your dog eating chocolates, remove it right away, making sure there’s no wrapper or foil left in his mouth. Next, consider how much chocolate the dog actually consumed by checking what’s left in the box, wrapper, container etc. To be on the safe side, try to make a rough guess of the largest amount the dog could probably have eaten. Once you have an idea how much chocolate the dog ate, the next step is to determine the type of chocolate. Always remember that the darker and more bitter the chocolate is, the higher the potential of causing harm to dogs. The substance present in chocolate that can cause adverse effects in dogs is theobromine, a type of methylxanthine. The concentration of methylxanthine is higher in dark chocolate compared to milk chocolate, white chocolate, and other light-colored chocolates.

Don’t hesitate to call your Las Vegas, NV vet clinic if your dog has consumed any type of chocolate.


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