Potty Accidents May Be Traced Back To The Litter Box

There are many reasons cats shy away from using the litter box and choose somewhere else to do their business. One of the important culprits that many cat owners overlook is their pet’s litter box. Taking a closer look at the litter may unearth important clues that can help explain your pet’s behavior. 

Litter Box - Choosing a litter box should not be made based on what you prefer; you should take your cat’s preference into consideration. Litter boxes come in various designs and you should know which one will fit your pet’s needs. Also, make sure to place the litter box in an out-of-the-way spot because he won’t fancy being disturbed while doing his thing. 

Litter - There are various types of litter available in pet stores. Knowing the specific attributes of each will help you pick out the best one for your cat. Many cats prefer unscented litter, and will avoid the litter box if they don’t like the type of litter being used.

Litter Box Maintenance - A cat’s fussiness extends to his litter box. He will stop using a litter box that is dirty and stinky. Thorough regular cleaning will help prevent buildup of odor.  

Bring your cat to your Anderson, IN veterinarian for regular check-ups. 


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