Money Saving Tips For Rabbit Owners

Did you know that rabbits can be high-maintenance pets? Fortunately, there are budget-friendly tips that you can use to reduce the cost of their daily care and save money in the long run. One is buying hay in bulk from a farm. Small bags of hay in pet stores can easily bite a huge chunk from your pet’s budget. There are also farms where you can order 50-lb boxes of hay online. If you have time, you can visit a local farmer to buy a bale, which can definitely last several months. Another way to save up on your pet’s budget is to ask for veggie scraps from your local grocery store. There are tons of perfectly good vegetables are thrown away by grocery stores. You can ask the staff at the store to collect their veggies for you. Never give wilted or old vegetables to your rabbit, and make sure to wash veggies thoroughly before offering them to your pet. 

Bring your pet rabbit to your Happy Valley, OR veterinarian for regular wellness checks. 


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