Pet Hedgehog Handling Tips

Holding a hedgehog can be a prickly experience if you don’t know how to do it properly. They have quills on their bodies; although these quills are not barbed like those of porcupines, they can still be quite painful. A hedgehog that is feeling calm and safe has quills that are relaxed, with the ends pointing towards the back. Handling one won’t be a problem except if you unintentionally push your hands against the tips of the quills. However, when it senses potential danger, the hedgehog will curl into a tight ball to protect the other parts of the body that don’t have any quills (i.e the head and belly area). It is best to avoid handling an angry or anxious hedgehog if you don’t want to end up with a prickly experience. Pet hedgehogs can be taught to tolerate handling while still very young. The extent to which they allow themselves to be handled by their owners will depend on their disposition and personality. 

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