Fat Birds Are Prone To Health Issues

Obesity in birds is not only unhealthy, it’s often life-threatening. In addition to seed-only diets, there are other causes which have been linked to obesity and hepatic lipidosis in pet birds. These include foods rich in simple carbohydrates. There are also certain bird species, such as the rose-breasted cockatoos and blue-front Amazons, which are more prone to obesity than other birds. The liver suffers a lot in obese birds because it is the primary site of deposition of excess fat. The functions of the liver cells are compromised as the amount of fat being stored continues to increase. The problem is medically called “hepatic lipidosis”, and it can reach a point in which there is not enough liver cells to support life. 

If you have a chubby or obese pet bird, it is a good idea to work with your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian in creating a weight loss program that is geared towards helping your pet lose excess weight in a healthy manner. 


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