Size Options for Dog Clothes

Not all dogs like to wear clothes or get dressed up, but for those that do (and particularly the owners), there are lots of cut varieties and styles of clothes in pet stores and online. One thing to remember is fit. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable. Look for breed and size designs on the clothing tags. What you really want to pay attention to are the measurements because not all breeds will be the same size. For instance, a sweater may say Small for Pomeranians but that could be the Teacup Pomeranians. A Throwback Pomeranian stands taller and weighs more and a Small wouldn’t work. Going by the measurements you will be able to tell the size better. Also, try the clothes on your dog if possible. The arms should fit loosely as should the belly. You don’t want your dog uncomfortable and miserable. Talk with your Cy-Fair vet for more fitting solutions.


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