Bloat In Dogs - Why Surgery May Be Recommended

Bloat in dogs is a fatal condition in dogs. The rapid accumulation of gases in the stomach results in the restriction of the blood supply that results in the eventual death of cells and tissues. Bloat in dogs should always be treated as a medical emergency. Dog owners should know how to recognize Bloat symptoms and treatment to protect their dog from possible death. 

Once the patient has been stabilized, surgery can now be performed. The reasons for the surgical intervention include:

  • To evaluate the degree of damage to the tissues of the stomach 
  • Manually untwisting the entwined poles of the stomach. 
  • Remove any contents of the stomach
  • Resection of affected parts of the spleen and stomach if necrosis has occurred in these organs. Resection of damaged tissues saves the healthy tissues from further damage. 
  • Perform Gastropexy - this is to permanently attach the stomach to the wall of the abdomen in order to lessen the possibility of re-occurrence of bloat. Don’t hesitate to speak to your veterinarian Frisco, TX if you have any concerns and/or questions about the procedure.


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