Why the Boarding Facility Should Know If Your Kitty Is a Cat Flu Carrier

If your cat is a flu carrier and you are leaving him in a boarding facility for a few days, it is very important for the staff to know the health status of your pet for the following reasons:

  • Your cat will need special care and attention so it won’t be subjected to further stress, thus they are usually housed away from other cats.
  • The staff of the boarding facility needs to keep a close eye on your pet for any signs of illness and discomfort. In case, there is a change in your cat’s health and/or behavior, they have your pet checked by a veterinarian immediately. 
  • If your cat seems finicky with food, they can closely monitor his appetite and offer more palatable foods.
  • The personnel can undertake protective measures to protect the other cats in the boarding facility from the infection.

Talk to your pet clinic Marietta, GA about the best way to protect your pet against important health issues.


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