Can My Cat Have Chocolate?

No, your cat should definitely not be given chocolate. Chocolate contains toxins that are poisonous to cats, dogs and other animals. If your cat has accidentally ingested chocolate, please call the vet right away. Chocolate contains toxins that can be lethal to dogs and cats when eaten in large amounts. Small amounts may not cause harm although this doesn’t mean you can give your cat a piece of chocolate the next time you see her. Some cats act differently to different toxins and poisons including those found in chocolate. Keep all chocolate away from your cat. If your cat is a counter climber then hide the chocolate somewhere besides the top cabinet or lock the cabinets with child safety locks. If your cat consumes a large amount of chocolate be prepared to call the Emergency hotline and even poison control for animals. For more information about chocolate and how it can hurt your cat, call your Mountain Park, GA veterinarian. Schedule an appointment today!


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