Pet Wipes for Pocket Pets

Pocket pets generally make up a variety of small size pets including the guinea pig (or cavy), the gerbil, and the hamster. If you own a pocket pet then you may already be familiar with how sometimes these little guys can have a pretty big stink. Because these pets live in cages with bedding designed to absorb urine and catch poop pellets, the pocket pet can often end up sitting or laying in a dirty area and get a stain or smell on his coat. Baths are not recommended for small pocket pets so what can you do? Simple, use pet bath wipes. Pet bath wipes work like wet wipes for children. Simply use a pet bath wipe to wipe off the stains on your pocket pet’s coat and to help freshen up their coats. Pet bath wipes can be found in most pet stores and some commercial chain stores. Talk to your vet Tampa, FL for more information.


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