Should You Worry If Your Dog Is Peeing A Lot?

Puppies have small bladders thus they tend to go more frequently; this is also true for senior dogs whose sphincters are unable to hold a lot of urine in. Most dogs, however, generally pee every 4-6 hours. In addition to smaller bladders, puppies tend to urinate twice as often as adult dogs because of lack of bladder control. This can, however, be changed with housetraining, routine, and maturity. 

Polyuria is the technical term for ‘peeing a lot’. It is not really a disease in itself; it is a clinical symptom of an underlying issue, medical or otherwise. There are many factors that can have an influence in a dog’s peeing habits. These include age and aging, marking, spay incontinence, weather changes associated with the seasons, diabetes, and urinary tract infection. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s elimination habits should warrant an appointment with your Roanoke, VA animal hospital. Visit this site to know more.


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