How to Clean Your Cat Ears

Cleaning your cat’s ears is a routine part of making sure your cat is healthy and happy. You should probably check your cat’s ears on a weekly basis to ensure they aren’t full of gunk or dirt. You may not need to clean them this often. You should also check with your vet ahead of time for tips to checking and cleaning the ears. For a basic cleaning simply apply a little liquid ear cleaner to a cotton ball (or hydrogen peroxide or mineral oil) and gently fold back your cat’s ear and wipe away the grime. Don’t rub and don’t stick anything inside the ear. This is just an outside cleaning. If you notice any odor, redness, swelling, discharge or if your cat is super sensitive or shakes his head constantly call your vets Webster NY and schedule a checkup. Do not self treat your cat’s ears as you could cause more harm than good.


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