Sneezing In Cats

Occasional sneezing in cats is not really something to be worried about. However, if your kitty sneezes more frequently or it is accompanied by blood or mucus and other symptoms like lethargy, eye discharge, cough, etc. there is a need to make an appointment with your vet clinic Salem, VA. Here are some possible reasons for sneezing in cats:

  • There is an irritant in the nasal passages that triggers the sneeze reflex. 
  • The cat may have a respiratory infection. Cats can get colds, too! Likely culprits are herpes virus, chlamydia infections, calicivirus, and bacterial infections. It may also be caused by fungal infections.
  • The cat is exposed to chemical irritants that can cause inflammation of the nasal membranes and sinuses.
  • There is a foreign object in the nasal cavity, such as grass awns or blades of grass
  • Tooth and gum problems - bacteria from infections in the mouth can spread to the nasal sinus and cause inflammation and sneezing.
  • Allergies to pollen, mildew, molds, and other airborne allergens.
  • Sneezing frequently occur a few days after being given intranasal vaccines. However, the sneezing usually lasts for only a few days and resolve on its own without any treatment.


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