Holding a Kitten the Right Way

Kittens are so cute, soft, cuddle, and incredibly small and fragile. It’s important to make sure you hold a kitten the right way so as not to cause harm. If you have small children, please take the time to show them how to hold the kitten correctly. You should also teach them not to pick up or try and hold a kitten without an adult around. The best way to hold a kitten is to gently grip the kitten behind its front legs using your writing hand. Take the other hand and scoop the kitten by his bum. Keep the tail tucked between the legs to protect it. When you set the kitten down, support the body and especially the back by making sure all four feet touch the ground at once. Watch for signs of discomfort after you set the kitten down. For more tips, talk with your contact your vets Rochester NY.


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