Leash Training Your Cat

If you’re looking for a cat that you can leash train then check out breeds like the Bengal, Siamese, shorthair, Abyssinian and Savannah breeds. These feline friends are all known for their ability to be trained. They are generally eager to learn. When it comes to leash training, start out with placing a harness on your cat for a few minutes at a time she adjusts to the feel. Attach the leash and give her a gentle tug so she can adjust to the pressure. Use treats to prompt her to get up and walk. Use treats as a reward as well. Take small walks and then reward her and end the walk. Build up to longer walks over time. Cut down on rewards so that she’s only getting a treat for walking on the leash. You definitely don’t want to make the walk all about food. For more tips, call your Cameron Park, CA vet.


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