Change Can Be Stressful To Cats

Cats are very sensitive to any change in their environment. In fact their senses are far more developed than that of people, thus felines can easily be stressed even though how small a change is. Any change in their daily routine, the arrival of a new pet or member of the family, strange sounds, and scents can all pave the way for behavior problems to develop.

If your kitty has been issued a clean bill of health by your Washington DC veterinarian, you must make the effort to assess the home environment for any recent changes that might have taken place. Some concerns that you should watch out for include:

l Moving to a new home

l Arrival of a new person or pet in the home

l A family member has left the home or has died

l You may be wearing a new scent, using a new soap or laundry detergent, and other situations where new scents are introduced into the house

l A significant change in the arrangement of furniture inside the home.


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