Inappropriate Elimination In Pets May Be Caused By Health Problems

A dog or cat with well-established potty habits may suddenly start having potty accidents around the home. In some instances, this may be triggered by specific behavior problems; however, pets that are suffering from health problems may also commit potty mistakes. A visit to your veterinarian can help pinpoint the underlying problem. 

A dog suffering from a problem in his digestive system can end up with an upset stomach; this is an important factor to take into consideration when your pooch has been committing successive potty accidents.

A heavy parasite load, irritation of the lining of the stomach and intestines, and infection can upset your pet’s digestive tract, often leading to a frequent and uncontrollable need to eliminate. Incontinence and a compromised immune system are also important causes of potty accidents. 

The importance of regular deworming and vaccination of pets cannot be overemphasized. For early detection of illness and timely medical intervention, make a habit of bringing your pet to your Washington DC animal hospital


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