Stop Your Dog’s Barking By Removing The Motivation

Barking comes naturally for canines. It is their way of communicating with other dogs, as well as their owners. However, some dogs engage in relentless vocalization much to the annoyance of their owner and neighbors. 

There are many ways to address this undesirable behavior, and one of these is removing the stimulus. Correcting the behavior won’t be an overnight success. It will entail time, effort, and tons of patience. A deeply ingrained behavior can take longer to correct and eliminate. When trying to correct persistent barking, get your barking dog’s attention using a firm voice. Yelling won’t quiet him down. The dog will think you are barking along with him, thereby reinforcing the behavior. Always be consistent in correcting the behavior. Everyone in the household must apply the same methods of correction to avoid confusing your pet.

You should seek professional help from a vets Southwest Las Vegas, NV if you are dealing with any negative pet behavior. 


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