Keeping Your Dog Happy

Being social creatures, dogs thrive in an environment where they feel that they are part of a pack with one territory, mission, and character. Dogs possess an instinctive need to belong, and you should honor this. As pack leader, you are responsible for arousing a sense of solidarity among the member of the pack. Your responsibility involves the welfare and protection of your pet dogs, participating in group activities, exuding self-confidence, control, and consistency. Having a strong pack leader can help boost a dog’s self-confidence. You should be a model of happy interactions with dogs and human members of the pack. If you have a multi-dog household, schedule pack walks to boost a sense of group pride. Without a dominant pack leader, dogs can become nervous and anxious. Dogs will try to assume pack leadership, displaying aggressive behavior and getting into fights with other dogs. And when a dominant dog assumes the role of the pack leader, he will be restless and nervous all the time since he takes his responsibilities as the leader very seriously. 

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