Children and a Fear of Dogs

Some children develop a fear of dogs that carries over to adulthood. Your child may have had a bad experience such as being bitten by a dog. Or your child may associate a scary experience with a dog. The resulting fear of dogs can become a minor anxiety around dogs to full-blown panic attacks. A severe dog phobia may need to be treated by a psychology professional. However, minor anxieties may be easier to manage. If your child is afraid of dogs, expose your child to a dog she trusts. A dog belonging to a family member is a good choice. Ensure that your child is relaxed. Ensure that the dog is calm and will obey commands. Keep him under control at all times. Encourage your child to interact with the dog for short periods of time. Gradually increase the exposure time. Visit other dogs, as your child will tolerate them. Contact your vet  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to learn more.


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