Indoor Potted Plants Can Be Toxic To Cats

Many cats love playing and even eating plants that are inside the home. In fact, potted plants are often entertainment centers, hiding places, something to nibble and eat, and sometimes a potty area. Your indoor plants may end up with torn leaves and may even be uprooted. Some owners rub moistened black peppers on the leaves and place stones on top of the pot soil to discourage cats from tasting or digging in the plant. If you love having indoor plants, make sure that these are not poisonous to your pet cat. Some common plants that are toxic to cats include aloe vera, tulip, daffodil, calla lily, geranium, corn plant, begonia, jade plant, and pencil cactus. Ingestion can possibly cause the manifestation of signs associated with toxicity like vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling, depression, and nervous signs. Some plants have substances that can irritate the tissues of the mouth, tongue, and lips. In severe cases, cats may suffer from liver failure, decreased heart rate, and even death. 

Bring your pet to your veterinary clinic Las Vegas, NV for regular checkups.


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