Can Horses Go In Paddocks Filled with Snow?

If you’re not accustomed to snow days on the farm then seeing an unplowed paddock full of snow may be intimidating when it comes to turning your horse out. Don’t worry. Your horse can handle it. Simply nudge him into the paddock and watch as he makes his own path in the snow to his hay, water, and the gate. You may even be surprised to see your horse roll in the snow. Sure it’s cold, but they can’t resist a chance to roll in the soft, wet, coolness of the snow. If your horse doesn’t make a path for himself and stands confused or worried then perhaps it’s not best for your horse to be turned out there. Look for a less snowy turnout or keep your horse in. Horses that are under care by your local best vets Westminster, MD may also need to skip snow filled turnouts.


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