Why Guinea Pigs Need Vitamin C

Guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C in their body thus they depend on dietary sources and supplements to meet their daily requirements of the vitamin. In addition to vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, there are vitamin C-fortified yogurt drops that are specially formulated for cavies. When it comes to vitamin C,  it is best to find the freshest sources that are available. Although most guinea pig pellets are formulated with vitamin C, take note that exposure to the environment can cause degradation and deterioration of the vitamin. Thus, when buying pellets, avoid getting those which have been placed in a bulk bin because ou can’t be too sure how long the pellets have been there and what environmental conditions the product has been exposed to.

The needs of guinea pigs are relatively simple and can easily be met even by first-time cavy owners. Bring your guinea pig to your Marion, IA veterinary clinic for regular wellness checks. 


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