Do Heartworms Affect Cats in the Winter?

Heartworms are primarily transmitted through mosquitoes. However, the presence of mosquitoes or the lack thereof does not always determine whether heartworms are present or not. For this reason, your cat should always be on a monthly heartworm protection medication. Whether it’s the middle of the summer or the middle of the winter, chances of contracting heartworms are always present. If your cat is on a monthly preventative, her body is able to build up a defense system to prevent heartworms. If your cat is not on a medication, she is susceptible to the heartworms. This disease is dangerous as the worms invade the heart and block blood flow to vital organs. Your cat will need serious treatment that may or may not save her. Please talk to your animal hospital Mt. Airy, MD today about testing your cat for heartworms and starting her on a monthly prevention medication.


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