Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Aggressive behavior is an important reason why many dogs end up in shelters. While training or re-training can help correct aggression, there are cases that warrant the help of a professional. There is a need to identify what’s causing the dog to behave this way so the appropriate steps can be made to correct the undesirable behavior. 

Dogs are predators and biting comes naturally to them as a defense mechanism and for self-preservation. Pet dogs can bite if they find themselves in a situation where they are nervous, threatened, or cornered. Thus, early and proper socialization is very important so a dog can learn to adjust and relax in strange or unfamiliar situations or environments. Sometimes, the cause of aggression is quite complex and warrants the need to seek the services of a professional dog trainer. 

Any changes in your pet’s behavior or routine should prompt a consultation with your veterinarian London, ON.  


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