Getting Your Pet Cat To Drink More

Adequate water intake is often a perennial problem in pet cats. Unfortunately, older cats are more prone to developing kidney problems which makes adequate intake of water very important. Male cats can also become more prone to urinary tract problems as a result of poor water intake. These are just some of the important problems when cats don’t drink enough water. It is now the responsibility of pet owners to find ways to encourage their furballs to drink enough water everyday. 

  • Be sure the water bowl or dish is clean and free of residual smells. Also the water should be changed every day. 
  • A glass, ceramic, or stainless steel water bowl is preferred over ones made of plastic because the latter tend to retain odors and cats will be quick to spot the difference. 
  • Invest in water fountain that is designed to encourage cats to drink more. In addition to providing fresh water throughout the day, the movement and the sound of the water can be mentally stimulating for cats. 
  • Canned pet food contains more water than kibble. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s water intake should be brought to the attention of your Aurora, CO veterinarian. Visit this website to know more.


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