Tips To Prevent Hairballs in Pet Cats

The risk of hairballs generally increases during certain seasons of the year for cats that are heavy shedders. Hairs that are swallowed during grooming can form a knot in the stomach. As new hairs are added to the knot, it will grow in size. While most are passed out in the feces or regurgitated, there is a risk of getting lodged and creating an obstruction in any part of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Brushing your pet’s hair coat once or twice a day during periods of heavy shedding can help remove loose hairs before they can be swallowed by your cat. For short-haired cats, a weekly brushing is generally enough. Having the right grooming tools for your cat’s haircoat and knowing how to use them properly can certainly make the task easier. You can also ask your groomer about a de-shedding tool. 

Your Aurora, CO veterinarian is an important source of information when it comes to issues or concerns about the health being and behavior of pet cats. Visit them to know more.


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