Essential Fatty Acids And Other Nutritional Supplements for Cats

Some dietary and nutritional supplements are prescribed by veterinarians to cats suffering from certain health issues. However, most healthy cats on a premium diet can do well without nutritional supplements. You can always ask your veterinarian if your cat needs special supplements on your next visit. Two common supplements that are given to cats are essential fatty acides (EFAs) and digestive enzymes. Fish oil supplements promote skin and hair coat health, thus they are excellent for cats with dry skin and dull hair coat, as well as cats suffering from allergic dermatitis. Cats with cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and other joint problems, kidney disease, and even autoimmune disorders can also benefit from supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids. Probiotics and digestive enzymes can help cats with digestive problems. In order for supplements to work, they have to be given on a daily basis or as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Your local veterinary clinic Aurora CO may recommend a supplement if your cat food contains only the minimum daily requirement of essential fatty acids.


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