Keeping Geese on the Farm

Do you own geese? These can be pretty fun and creative types of farm pets. They can also be a bit noisy and obnoxious. If you’re thinking about bringing a couple of geese to your farm, talk with fellow goose owners to learn what to expect. For instance, where will you house your geese? They need a place to stay at night that’s safe and secure from predators. Some owners provide a stall in the barn for their geese and have them go in and out like other livestock. You also need to know what to feed them. If you have chickens, you may be able to sure the chicken feed with the geese. Snacks like crackers or animal cookies may also be acceptable on occasion but not routinely. Also consider how loud geese can honk. Will they upset neighbors? Talk with your vet clinic Marietta, GA before purchasing as well.


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