Winter Blanket Tips for Horses

Trying to outguess the weather and blanket your horse accordingly can be difficult. How do you know what blankets to use if the weather man can’t say for sure if it’s going to be cold, sowing or raining? Here are a few tips to make winter blanketing easier for your horse. First, try layers. If it’s generally cold in the winter (i.e. stays 40 or lower), put a medium blanket on your horse to wear 24/7. If you find the temperature has suddenly dropped or it’s raining or snowing simply throw a rain sheet over the medium blanket. If it’s warm, just blanket with the sheet 24/7. If the temperature drops then throw the medium blanket over. You will only need to remove one sheet or blanket either option you choose instead of taking blankets on and off completely. For more tips, give your vet Marietta, GA a call.


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