Odor Cover-Up Spray

Did your dog get into something smelly while playing around outside? It’s possible he encountered a skunk or just simply took a roll in some animal droppings or a nice fresh mud pit. No matter the reason for the smell, there is a quick solution to covering it up until you can bathe your dog and scrub the odor away completely. What’s the solution? Odor cover-up spray. Look at your local pet store or talk with your vet about dog friendly odor cover-up sprays. These can be used to help freshen your pup up or cover an odor or foul smell on your dog. Test a small amount on your dog to make sure he doesn’t have any type of allergic reaction to the spray. This is a great trick especially when you don’t have time to bathe your dog and you don’t have waterless shampoo available. Contact your vet Fort Collins, CO or more tips.


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