How to Keep Your Turtle Warm in the Winter

When the cold hits the outdoors temperatures can go down indoors as well especially if you don’t have really good heating in the home. Make sure to have your home heating systems or fireplaces checked before winter or routinely serviced during winter to keep your home comfortable for yourself and your pets. For instance, if you have a pet turtle, he needs to keep in a habitat and surrounding area that will keep him warm. If your home is kept at 70 degrees, make sure you turtle’s habitat is staying warm as well. Try keeping a thermometer in the tank to ensure it’s the right temperature. Heating lamps may be used to heat the tank as well. A red-eared slider should have a warm tank with water that stays between 75-86 degrees F (23.8-30 C). Talk to your vet Thorold, ON to find out what temperature your turtle’s tank and water should be.


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