Developing a Relationship With Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are highly social animals. Thus your pig can become very devoted to his human family. Set up an environment to meet your guinea pig’s physical needs first – food, water and housing. Give your guinea pig time to adjust to his environment when you first bring him home. Sit near his enclosure and speak or sing to him softly. Try to hand feed him treats. Let him explore your hand when you reach into the enclosure. Learn how to pick up your pig safely and handle him with care. Guineas are skittish so you must protect him from falls. Your guinea pig needs to exercise so plan to give your guinea pig time outside the enclosure daily. This outside time gives you time to play and socialize your guinea pig. He will learn to know and trust you. Position your guinea pig’s enclosure in an area where your family gathers often so he will become a member of the household. Love him and he’ll love you back. Learn more from your Matthews, NC veterinary clinic.


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