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Managing Hypothyroidism in Dogs like the American Water Spaniel

If your dog has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, talk with your vet to determine the kind of treatment that will be needed for your dog. Hypothyroidism is common in medium to large sized dogs like the American Water Spaniel. It occurs when the thyroid is unable to produce hormones needed to maintain a healthy metabolism. Causes include genetics, iodine insufficiencies, cancers, etc. Treatment will depend on the exact cause of the malfunctioning thyroid. In some cases, the primary cause will be treated first to lessen the symptoms. For overall treatment, dogs may need to receive continued hormone therapy to replace the ones the thyroid gland is unable to produce. Other forms of treatment include medications and even diet changes to reduce fat intake. Medications may need to be administered long term in which case you will need to call with your Crown Point, IN vet to determine dosages and frequency of medication given.


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