Can I Feed Apples to My Dog?

Yes, you can feed apples to your dog, but make sure you feed them in moderation. Many dogs enjoy juicy apples. The peel is a great source of fiber as is the fruit itself. Avoid feeding your dog the seeds or pit of the apple, however. The seeds in an apple contain cyanide, which is poisonous and can cause harm to your dog. This is why it’s recommended that you cut up an apple into slices or pieces so you can ensure there are no seeds. You can also peel the apple as some older dogs do best without the peeling. If your dog has access to an apple tree try to make it a habit to pick up the apples on the ground so he can’t feast on entire apples. If you think your dog has ingested apple seeds and may be poisoned, contact your Saskatoon, Saskatchewan vet immediately for assistance. Learn more here.


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