Common Causes Of Vomiting In Dogs

Frequent cases of vomiting in dogs are always a cause for concern. Considering that there is a long list of conditions that can bring on vomiting episodes, there is a need to bring your dog to your Marion, IA vet so a proper diagnosis can be made. Some health issues in which vomiting is a prominent symptom include eating spoiled or fat-rich food, poisoning, gastric irritation, eating grass, eating too much and/or too fast, and motion sickness. 

In dogs, gluttony is a common cause of vomiting. This tends to occur when they are full and engage in physical activity right after eating. 

There are also many types of illnesses in which vomiting is an important sign. These include canine parvovirus infection and canine distemper. In deep-chested breeds of dogs, vomiting can be an important red flag indicating the presence of bloat which is a life-threatening problem. 


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