Getting Rid Of Fleas – Using Flea Combs

Flea combs are designed as fine-toothed combs that when run through a pet’s body can trap fleas so they can be removed and disposed easily. Even if there are no signs of flea infestation, pet owners should make a habit of flea-combing their pets on a regular basis, after all fleas infest pets not only during flea season but throughout the year. The time and frequency of flea combing depends to a large extent on the level of infestation and the time of year. Extra attention should be given to places where fleas tend to converge in such as in the head, back, neck, and hindlimbs. Fleas that are trapped in the comb can be removed by dipping the comb in a container of hot soapy water. While comb is underwater, remove the fleas from the comb. Flush the water that contains the fleas down the toilet. 

Work with your Marion, IA veterinarian in creating a flea preventive program that should protect your pet against these pesky parasites throughout the year.


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