Is There A Cure For Blindness In Dogs?

Many cases of blindness in dogs, such as Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) are irreversible. However, there are those that can be alleviated especially if it diagnosis is made early. The method of treatment will depend to a large extend on the underlying cause of blindness. Surgery may be needed to improve the vision of a dog with cataracts. Considering that there are many treatment options out there, your Marion, IA vet will have to perform a thorough examination and some laboratory tests to confirm the initial diagnosis so that the problem can be addressed in an appropriate manner. There are also cases when your pet may need advanced diagnostics and opinion that only a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist can give. 

Loss of vision is not a death sentence. With the care and support of pet parents especially during the adjustment period, dogs with vision problems can still have normal happy lives as they learn to depend on their other senses to move around. 


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